By Nora C. Eidelman, Deputy Director



We are thrilled to welcome our new Executive Director Jessica Quincosa, Esq.  Jessica  will oversee CLS’s programs including brief advice clinics staffed by volunteers and CLS staff, free or reduced fee legal representation and legal education to low-income persons in Prince George’s County.  Prior to her new role with CLS, Jessica was a supervising attorney with Maryland Legal Aid at the District Court Self-Help Resource Center in Upper Marlboro, MD.  Previously, she was an associate at the Law Firm of Marysabel Rodriguez- Nanney.  She practiced immigration, traffic/criminal matters, and domestic law in the state of Maryland. She also practiced as a staff attorney for Howrey LLP with an emphasis in electronic discovery and white-collar crime.


Jessica is very active with the Hispanic community. Prior to becoming President of the Maryland Hispanic Bar, she was a board member and the co-chair of the Judicial Nominations and Immigration and Legislative Affairs Committees.  She was previously a board member, the co-chair of the Public Service Committee and Communications Committee of the Hispanic Bar Association of DC. She is currently a volunteer attorney assisting her client with a U-visa through Tahirih Justice Center. She has volunteered at numerous legal clinics and volunteered her time with numerous organizations including the HBA-DC Advice and Referral Clinic (now Immigration Legal Advice Clinic). 


You will have an opportunity to meet Jessica this fall at an event in honor of our former Executive Director Neal T. Conway, which we hope you will attend!   For now, please join us in welcoming her!


Please Mark Your Calendars!

Celebration of Neal T. Conway’s 22 Years of Dedication to Access to Justice!

October 17, 2017, 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m - Greenbelt Marriot

Keynote Speaker, Timothy F. Moloney -- Principal, Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, PA

R.S.V.P to Jessica Quincosa, Esq.

240-391-6532, ext. 4 or





Through our Lawyer Referral Program, we refer low-income eligible clients for legal representation.  Judicare funding pays for some attorneys’ fees.  Attorneys receive $80.00 per hour for the first 20 hours/$1,600.00 per case.  The next 5 hours on a case, we count as pro bono.  After these 5 hours, we pay for an additional 15 hours at the rate of $80.00 per hour from Judicare Supplemental Funds.  Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis until the Fund is exhausted.  We encourage pro bono work as well.  These are clients who do not have the economic means to pay for legal representation.  Please contact Angela Wright at 240-391-6532, ext. 2 for additional information.  Funding for this program is made available by Maryland Legal Services Corporation (MLSC).  For more information about MSLC, please visit


ADDTIONALLY, volunteers accepting Judicare or Pro Bono cases from CLS can utilize the Litigation Fund, which provides reimbursement for routine costs such as mileage, postage, discovery, substantial photocopies and faxes.  The Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland (PBRC) administers the Pro Bono / Judicare Litigation Fund, an annual grant funded by the Maryland Legal Services Corporation (MLSC).  There is no requirement that volunteers wait until the case concludes.  PBRC processes the requests on a first-come, first-served basis until the Fund is exhausted.  More information about the Litigation Fund policy including an online PDF request version are available at  Attorneys who have any questions about the availability of funds may directly contact Dana Busgang at or 443-703-3074.


NEW LITIGATION FUND Pilot for Estate Administration Cases


MLSC has approved a pilot project to allow pro bono attorneys to utilize the litigation fund for costs associated with estate administration cases.  Attorneys who are serving pro bono clients with FY17 cases may apply to the litigation fund to cover the following estate administration costs for their clients: probate fees for opening a small estate, bonding, publication fees, lien certificate, deed recordation fees, certified mailing fees, copies of death certificate, and other costs as approved by PBRC.  A maximum of $400 is available per case, as long as funds remains available.  For further information, please contact Margaret K. Henns, Esq. at or 443-703-3050.


WE HAVE FUNDING to Pay Attorneys Assisting in Mediation in Foreclosure Cases


CLS presently has funding available for attorneys to assist clients who request mediation in their Prince George's County foreclosure cases.  This funding enables us to pay attorneys $80.00 an hour (up to a maximum of ten hours).  This program is in effect until this specific funding has been exhausted. These funds are earmarked for foreclosure mediations only and will cover time preparing for mediation, attending and representing the client at mediation and legal work done after the mediation that is directly related to the mediation.  As clients schedule mediation, we send out an e-mail to attorneys who have assisted with CLS foreclosure matters in the past. If you are available on the scheduled mediation date and are willing to represent our client; then, promptly let us now via e-mail insofar as cases will be placed based on the order that you respond.  This funding is made available by Maryland Legal Services Corporation (MLSC).  For additional information about this program, please contact Michael Udejiofor at 240-391-6532, ext. 1 or  Our Foreclosure client line is 240-391-6370, ext. 2.

Community Legal Services of Prince George’s County, Inc. (CLS) is a non-profit organization established to provide quality civil legal services to low-income persons in Prince George’s County.  It does this through the generous contribution of legal advice and legal representation by members of the private Bar.  Additionally, CLS operates free Law Clinics in the County, including in the Circuit Court House, Room 2435 M, the Prince George’s County Multi-Services Center and in Suitland’s Windsor Crossings Appartments.  For more information about our services, please contact Nora C. Eidelman, at 240-391-6532, ext. 5. 

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