I am writing this review regarding the amazing legal service and representation I have received for the past year from CLS.  I requested legal service in 2016 for assistance in a divorce hearing.  Once the divorce became final, I then had to reach out for legal assistance again regarding joint property.  The personal and professional attention I have and continue to received has made my legal issues very easy to go through. I didn't have to wait a long time for CLS to appoint me legal representation. Even when the Divorce case was final, the attorney stay in connect with me, followed-up with me so it was extremely easy that when I had to revisit the issue of joint property, there was no doubt to each out to CLS for help and I even was able to request the same attorney I had in the divorce hearing which made things a lot easier for me as she was already aware and knowledgeable about my situation.  Her consistent guidance and knowledge of the law was absolutely awesome. Not only was my attorney great, my experience from the beginning when reaching out to CLS and speaking with customer services was very welcoming and professional.  I also had the pleasure of speaking to another attorney for advice and again, he was patient, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. The program is geared to help those who are unfortunately unable to financially retain legal assistance and I am very happy I had the service to represent me. A program such as CLS is needed. Sometimes dealing with legal issues can be scary but CLS focuses on the client, their legal issues and what they can do to assist the individual and their needs. It is comforting for me to have this service as I continue to go through my legal matters.  I would greatly and highly recommend this service. 

CLS Client

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